Family-Centered Care Assessment (FCCA): Info Specifically for Families


The new (2014) FCCA tool was developed by Family Voices NCFPP to help providers measure the family-centeredness of health care services.  Physicians and provider groups may request to use this tool.  Families can browse this tool.

Since family-centeredness is an approach that honors the strengths, cultures, traditions and expertise of families as well as their roles as decision makers, individual families across the country provided valuable guidance and input into the development of the FCCA.  While the FCCA is designed to be used by providers, families can learn about family-centered care by browsing the 24-questions that make up this tool.  Families who are involved at the policy level, such as members of a pediatric practice's Family Advisory Group or a state committee working on medical home, may find the FCCA useful in helping guide family-centered care practices.

Prior to the development of the 2014 FCCA, Family Voices NCFPP developed SELF-Assessment tools to help families and providers learn more about family-centered care.  The Family SELF-Assessment tool provides:

  • a description of family-centered care
  • common terms and definitions
  • questions to consider when evaluating Family/Provider Partnerships
  • questions to consider when evaluating Care Setting Practices and Policies
  • questions to consider when evaluating Community Systems of Services and Supports

SELF-Assessment Tools

Family-Centered Care Self-Assessment Tools: Family Tool, Provider Tool, and User's Guide

Download the original Family-Centered Care Family Tool, Provider Tool, and/or User Guide or visit the Famiy Voices website to order hard copies.