Family-Centered Care Assessment (FCCA): Info Specifically for Health Care Providers

The Family-Centered Care Assessment (FCCA) is a validated questionnaire that providers can use with families to rate the quality of care they receive.  The resulting information will be helpful to the provider by:

  • Providing the qualitative data component of a balanced patient engagement plan (see below);
  • Program assessment and evaluation;
  • Informing quality improvement initiatives;
  • Ongoing monitoring of the family experience of healthcare (as an alternative to conventional “patient satisfaction surveys”);
  • Sparking discussions of family-centered care with your staff or patients and families.

Please note that the FCCA is designed to be challenging, with an average score falling in about the middle of the possible range.  This is not a checklist that attempts to dictate every step that you should take; you can improve your score by using strategies of your own choosing, and adapt your priorities according to your local context.

If you would like to use the FCCA, please submit a request for this tool.


Patient and Family Engagement Strategies


Note: Family-driven projects can use the same strategies to engage with professionals that professionals use to engage with families; for all projects, a combination of families and professionals works well in group settings such as stakeholder meetings and educational meetings.