ABCs of Quality Improvement

A Virtual Webinar Series sponsored by NICHQ and NCFPP

New! November 13, 2015:The application period for the 2016 ABCs of Quality Improvement Course!  Applications are due December 11th.  Download the application here or read more about this series. Questions? Contact Bev Baker, Co-Director, NCFPP.  

This is the third and final opportunity, through NCFPP’s cooperative agreement, to participate in a web-based course to learn concepts and best practices of Quality Improvement.  The course consists of a series of 5 webinars, taught by a faculty member from the National Institute for Children’s Health Quality (NICHQ), and regularly scheduled coaching calls.  During the course, each participating team applies their learning to a real-life quality improvement project of their choice and receives support from an assigned family faculty mentor.

WHY consider taking this course?

  • It’s a GREAT deal!  Taken independently with NICHQ, this type of training would cost thousands of dollars.  NCFPP has partnered with NICHQ to provide this opportunity for families and professionals to jointly learn about and implement QI projects for a nominal fee.
  • As reported by past participants, the course provides a valuable structure for you to carve out time for a worthy QI project that might not otherwise receive your time and attention.  
  • You will receive expert advice and coaching from NICHQ with the planning and implementation of your project, AND each team is assigned a family leader mentor that has been through the course and QI implementations benefitting CSHCN.  
  • This is a great opportunity to engage your state Title V or AAP chapter in a structured project that can help build or strengthen your relationship. 
  • There’s value in being able to report that your family organization staff has had QI training and has a well-documented QI project completed or underway.  


About this Series: WHAT IT IS: 

The National Center for Family Professional Partnerships (NCFPP) and National InsQuality Improvement Modeltitute for Children’s Health Quality (NICHQ) are pleased to offer this 6-session webinar course as an opportunity for teams of 2-6 participants to learn an effective quality improvement process and apply it to a real-life project to improve a system, service or support for CYSHCN.  The course will take place February through May 2015.


“Most people at one time or another have thought about trying to do something better.  It might be at home or at work, in recreation or business, for friends or customers.  Thinking about doing something better is often easy; actually making a change usually is not.  What is the best way to approach trying to make a change that results in improvement?”  (from the course textbook, The Improvement Guide)

Unfortunately not all changes result in improvement.  The Model for Improvement is a quality improvement process that can be applied to all aspects of work and real-life.  By participating in this interactive course, you will become familiar with the Model for Improvement concepts and put it into practice with support from experienced instructors. 

Watch an example of the Model for Improvement taught in the course.