How F2F HICs Help Families

F2F HICs uniquely qualified able to help families because they, themselves, are parents of CYSHCN.  F2F staff understand:

  • the needs of famlies when they first learn that their child has a problem;
  • how confusing medical jargon, technology, and services can be;
  • the anxiety when financing isn't available to pay for needed therapies, medicine a dn equipment;
  • how exhausting a parent feels trying to secure services for their CYSHCN while meeting the needs of their whole family;
  • the anger parents feel when medical claims are rejected, calls are not returned, conflicting information is given by state agencies, and when state budgets cut the programs their child depends on; and
  • the frustration parents feel when care among providers is not coordinated, when they're left out of decisions, when their opinions and knowledge is ignored.

Staff at F2F HICs also know:

  • how to find a program to provide care and how to apply for it;
  • how to submit an appeal;
  • how to find a support group;
  • how to work with schools;
  • how to find another parent with similar issues/needs;
  • how to share information with providers, how to partner in decision-making.

Because of this knowledge and their organizational capacity to reach families of all backgrounds, data indicates that F2F HICs are very successful in helping families navigate systems, become more confident, and partner with professionals in decision-making.

What Families say about the Help they Receive

Of the families served by the F2Fs, the following percent of families reported the service received as useful, very useful or extremely useful in:

  • helping them partner in decision-making: 92%
  • helping them find/learn about community services: 92%
  • helping them feel more confident about getting needed health care services for their child: 90%

How F2Fs rate their Impact on Programs and Policies

Ratings of Impact of F2Fs on Programs and Policies for the 2014-2015 grant year

Data provided by all 51 F2F for  June 2014 - May 2015

An example of the impact of help provided to a parent in North Dakota by Donene Feist, Family Voices of ND:

Family Voices has been a great asset to me not only on a personal level, but a professional one as well. On a personal level, I have found Donene to be a great wealth of information as well as being very willing to help me out with issues involving my 12 year old daughter. On several occasions I have been able to call Donene with concerns and before the call ended I had the answers I needed and an offer of her assistance as an advocate if I desired. I have used the information provided in the Family Voices news letters and e-mail updates that I receive to inform other parents of what is going on in the way of training's and legislative issues. I greatly appreciate knowing that there is a source such as Family Voices to go to for information or advice on a variety of topics. Donene is very well informed with up to date information and is always willing to help out.