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Primary Contact(s):
Tom Rose (303) 733-3000 - Executive Director
Grant Abstract Summary:
As Colorado’s Family-to-Family Health Information Center (Colorado F2F), Family Voices Colorado will reach out in new ways to provide information, support, navigation assistance and advocacy for families of Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs, and to support health care providers and other professionals who serve this population. Colorado F2F will support community-based Family Navigators across the state, collaborate with other family-driven organizations, increase capacity to serve Spanish-speaking families and members of other ethnic and racial minority groups, develop resources relating to the impact of state and federal health care reform measures, and gather data on trends and barriers affecting young people with special health care needs.

Activities/Methodology:FVC will build on existing methods for reaching families of and professionals who serve CYSHCN, including direct one-to-one assistance by phone, email, and in person; training presented in person or made available online; outreach through community-based Family Navigators; collaboration with Family-Driven Organizations to disseminate information to their constituencies, such as Parent to Parent of Colorado’s listserv and 2 EFMP Programs that support Colorado's large military population; a toll-free number available to all families and community professionals; information posted on our website and disseminated through “Fast Fact” handouts and trainings. FVC primarily targets English and Spanish speaking individuals due to our state demographics of 50% is Caucasion, 40% is Hispanic, 4% is African American and the remaining 6% is a large mix of multi-ethnic cultures. However, our collaboration with CAHEP as one of our F2F Family Driven Organizations does help to meet the needs of those immigrant populations.
Highlighted Activity:
Collaboration of Colorado’s Family Driven Organizations
Collaborating with other Individual Family Navigators/ Family-Driven Organizations has helped us to streamline outreach, assistance, service delivery and advocacy for the families we serve. Due to a very fragmented system in Colorado, this type of collaborative approach provides families with coordinated help. To date, our 10 different Family Navigators/Family-Driven Organizations have assisted over 5,000 parents and professionals on a variety of topics related to their CSHCN. In addition, every Family Navigator/ Family-Driven Organization works on specific projects to support the collaborative, such as the redesign of the Colorado Resource Directory providing access to over 2,750 resources.
Shared Resources:
Resources are shared by the F2FHICs to help families, other family leaders and partners. While you are welcome to adapt any of the materials for your organization, we ask that you include an acknowledgement of the author/source in your adaptations and that you let the original author know of your use of the materials. Copyrighted materials may not be reproduced or adapted without the express permission of the author.
Colorado Resource Directory is an online, comprehensive repository developed to assist Colorado families to find assistance and resources. The Colorado Resource Directory is the only comprehensive statewide Colorado guide to family and community services from a Family Leader perspective! No matter where you live in Colorado, this is a great source for resources to help people. The service providers within this directory can help you with practically any personal or family concern.