25 E Street NW 3rd Floor
Washington, DC 20001
Phone:  (202) 678-8060Fax:  (202) 678-8062Toll-Free:  (888) 327-8060
Primary Contact(s):
Molly Whalen (202) 678-8060
Rochanda Hiligh-Thomas (202) 678-8060
Grant Abstract Summary:
The District of Columbia consistently fails to meet the unique needs of CYSHN. The DC Health Information Center will assist Families in making informed decisions about healthcare which promote good treatment options, efficacy, and outcomes; provide training, information, resources, and referrals to support the special healthcare needs of families; identify, promote, and support successful community health initiatives; develop and implement models for collaboration between families, health professionals, and systems of care; provide training and guidance regarding the care and support of children and youth with special healthcare needs to families, health professionals, schools, and social services agencies.
Highlighted Activity:
Leadership Institute for Spanish-Speaking Families
Recently AJE collaborated with Mary’s Center and other agencies serving CSHCN to host a Parent-to-Parent Leadership Institute for Spanish-speaking Families at the Mary’s Center Medical Home location. Forty-eight parents and caregivers of CSHCN attended the two-day training to become Certified Family Navigators. The Parent-to-Parent Leadership Institute offers a comprehensive training that focuses on health care and educational advocacy, the laws that supporting health care, education and related services, and most importantly empowering families and developing their leadership skills. Some of the topics of this years’ two-day training included: Youth Mental Health Advocacy, Nutrition and Child Development, Multi-systemic Therapy, Transfer of Educational Rights, Understanding the Special Education Process, D.C. Health Benefits Exchange, Overview of Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Working Effectively with Doctors.