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Wilmington, DE 19809
Phone:  (302) 669-3031Fax:  (302) 478-3350Toll-Free:  (877) 235-3588
Primary Contact(s):
Vanessa Rodriguez (302) 669-3033 - Administrative Director
Ann Phillips (302) 669-3031 - Executive Director
Grant Abstract Summary:
DE FV is run by families of CSHCN, whose mission is to achieve family-centered care. We help families with CSHCN to be full partners at all levels of decision making. FV will work to meet the needs of all CSHCN across the lifespan while addressing the social determinants of health, resulting in improvement of Delaware’s performance on the six core outcomes for CSHCN and their families.Using family knowledge and experience, and collaborating with many partners, we will use family talent and expertise to drive the quality of services for technical assistance, training,& mentoring.It taps into the energy and commitment of parents to use their expertise to become leaders and valued voices for systems change.

Activities/Methodology:F2F HIC will use proven evidence-based practices and solicit continuous input and evaluation of Delaware families of CSHCN across the state including representation of those of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Outreach to families will occur through access to a toll free number, participation in the state’s 211 information system, website, social marketing, newsletters, events, outreach fairs, and development of tools and resources. Trainings and workshops will be offered statewide to train providers and families; and one-on-one assistance with families will continue with families in person and over the phone.
Highlighted Activity:
Managed Care Organization Monthly Calls
Description of Activity: DE FV facilitates monthly calls with Medicaid, Managed Care Organizations, home health agencies, providers, and families of CSHCN to help professionals identify critical issues for families and to provide families with a non-adversarial forum to provide feedback on their experiences. On the calls, a family has up to 10 minutes of uninterrupted time to ask a question or discuss an issue, followed by a problem-solving time in which anyone can participate. Over the years we have seen specific policy changes because of these calls. Many organizations require at least one staff member to participate in this each month as they learn so much about services systems and how policies affect families. An example of an impact is that Medicaid is now considering covering hippotherapy after families and an occupational therapist described the benefits on a recent call. Families have found they are listened to and appreciate the efforts of participants to address their issue. Everyone who participates indicates that they learn something new with each call.