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Grant Abstract Summary:
Our goals are to Increase partnerships & help families make better choices leading to stisfaction w/services they receive. Provide info referral, ed, training, peer support of families of LA CYSHCN. Leadership academies and workshops will be held. Academy participants will be matched to leadership opportunities. Families will participate in Transition Staffing meetings with agencies at beginning of school transition process to facilitate better outcomes. These families will be followed to determine if outcomes were better with more support at the beginning of the process. Website is dedicated to F2FHIC. Health info in variety of languages distributed at outreach events. Transition fact sheets and physicians fact sheets developed and distributed.

Help families make informed choices by providing info/referral services in language family most easily understands in 1-1, training & outreach settings and be satisfied with the services they receive. Provide workshops, 2 leadership academies. Develop new collaborative partnerships w/community groups seeking parent input. Increase family/prof’l partnerships through parent match w/leadership opportunities. Provide physicians w/fact sheets on early intervention & Title V program to increase referrals for CYSHCN. Provide families w/transition fact sheets to help them understand transition process & rights. Facilitate Transition Focus Group gathering community input on barriers to successful transition to adulthood. Facilitate Transition staffing w/ variety of agencies to assist families beginning the transition process. Develop outcome call questions to families in Transition Staffing to monitor effectiveness of support received in staffing; Issue preliminary & final reports on Transition Staffing outcomes. Develop grant tracking form as mechanisms for monitoring program success. Provide professional development opportunities to FHF resource centers & community partners. Require FHF Resource Centers to attend cultural competency training. Through these activities, we expect increased knowledge of parents, improved health related outcomes, increase family/prof’l partnerships positive outcomes for transitioning youth & health outcomes for CYSHCN.
Highlighted Activity:
Bridging the Gap: Transitioning from Adolescence to Adulthood
Adolescents transitioning into adulthood have previously relied on parental support and need further education on self-advocacy. To address these needs we have developed a Leadership Academy to prepare adolescents with a disability to transition to adult care services in such areas as:
  • Health Care: Information on what adolescents will need to transition from pediatric care to adult health care and what options are available to them
  • Education: The importance of having a transition plan in an IEP and information on transitioning to post-secondary education
  • Employment: Information and resources on employment opportunities and independent living
  • Advocacy: Education on self-advocacy
Our first Leadership Academy is scheduled for May 29, 2014 and families and professionals who have received information about the Leadership Academy anticipate that the information gained will be very useful.