PO Box 2067  
Augusta, ME 04338
Phone:  (207) 588-1933Fax:  (207) 588-1938Toll-Free:  1-800-870-7746
Primary Contact(s):
Carrie Woodcock (207) 588-1933 - Family support
Grant Abstract Summary:
Our statewide project of family run Health Care Information and Education Centers will focus on: providing timely health care information through a variety of methods as well as outreach to rural health centers and under-represented families. We will also offer training and information for families on the transition process from the children to adult health care system. Central to success is the nationally acclaimed parent-to-parent support model where a volunteer cadre of specially trained parents who have empathy and common experiences will help other parents ’walk through’ the multiple challenges of accessing care and supports.

* Operate 1-800 free telephone access
* Maintain Resource Library
* Produce Newsletter
* Maintain updated website
* Develop and Disseminate pamphlets, brochures, white papers and resource guides, etc.
* Conduct MPF overviews across the state.
* Conduct outreach to rural health centers.
* Work with partners in Portland and Lewiston to conduct outreach to under-represented populations.
* Serve on boards and committees.
* Develop and implement regional workshops on transitioning from the children's to adult health care system.
* Offer a webinar on transitioning from the children's to adult health care system.
* Increase library materials on transitioning from the children's to adult health care system.
* Outreach to and provide parent to parent training statewide for support parents.
* Conduct outreach to inform parents and others of parent to parent program.
* Make P2P Matches.
* Revise and offer medical home training to parents statewide.
* Develop and implement a parent leadership training to include: advocacy training, serving on boards and committees, testifying and letter writing.
Highlighted Activity:
Family Support Navigator Program
This past year, we have instituted the Navigator Program, which trains support parents to better help families of CSHCN. Navigators work with the family to develop a family support plan which identifies the family’s need and strategies to meet those needs. A plan of empowerment is developed, identifying training or activities to help the family gain the skills and knowledge they need to be able to navigate the system without support if the situation should arise again. We have trained 18 Navigators within the program. Early evaluation results are very positive. 100% of the families who have received Navigator services report that their Navigator understood their needs and that they could not have gotten the supports they needed without the help of the Navigator. We received initial funding for this program from the state Children’s Behavioral Health program and have been able to expand with blended funding from several grants.