3100 Mill Street  Suite #117
Reno, NV 89502
Phone:  (775) 823-9500Fax:  (775) 323-2205Toll-Free:  (866) 326-8437
Primary Contact(s):
Mary Meeker (775) 823-9500
Grant Abstract Summary:
The NVF2F will provide a place for families to access peer support to help navigate the disjointed system of care for children and youth with special health care needs in Nevada. Through family-centered, community-based and culturally competent care, services include training, information, support and advocacy - offered by workshops, conference calls, web-based training center, toll-free parent support information/referral line, newsletter, and on-line Resource Directory.

Objective 1:
  1. Inventory existing resources.
  2. Review resources for cultural and linguistic competence and make recommendations for changes.
  3. Determine which materials need updating and what other materials are needed.
  4. Develop new materials.
Objective 2::
  1. Assist in the implementation of the new Volunteer Visiting Program and mentoring activities in trainings.
  2. Assist in the continuation of a peer-to-peer youth mentoring statewide network for youth with special health care needs.
Objective 3::
  1. Develop a Fund Development Plan that expands revenue sources beyond government grants such as: private donations, foundation grants, and a community fundraising project.
  2. Implement a Marketing Plan that expands outreach with digital, print, media, and other internet sources.
Highlighted Activity:
Collaboration to Support Young Children
Working with partners in the S. Nevada Immunization and Health Coalition (SNIHC), the need for an immunization clinic and back to school fair customized especially for the unique needs of CSHCN emerged as a priority after recognizing how overwhelming our large back-to-school events can be for children with special needs. Family TIES and Nevada Early Intervention Services-South (NEIS) teamed up to create a new community event (Family TIES Health Day) to ensure CSHCN have access to immunizations and a healthy start to the school year. The event drew 20 vendors and more than 100 families who made connections to health resources including pediatricians, immunizations, vision screening, WIC programs, and disability resources. Families expressed appreciation for the opportunity to get the resources needed for the school year while avoiding long lines, overstimulation and ‘meltdowns’ experienced during previous back-to-school events. This collaboration introduced new SNIHC partners who are focused on serving CSHCN. Family TIES and NEIS were recognized by SNIHC with the Silver Syringe Award for Collaboration of the Year 2013.