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Oklahoma City, OK 73156-1072
Phone:  (405) 271-5072Fax:  Toll-Free:  (877) 871-5072
Primary Contact(s):
Heather Pike (405) 271-5072
Joni Bruce (405) 271-5072
Grant Abstract Summary:
OK F2F addresses the needs of families by: family-to-family support, improved access to community resources via 5 regional hubs staffed by families of CSHCN, adding oncology, Affordable Care Act information, quarterly e-newsletters in English and Spanish to the web site . A transition conference and Youth Transition Care Notebook training and health care and health care information sheets will empower youth and families to take an active role in their transition and health care. 50 will be trained in Care Notebook and 30 in Supporting Parent Training, 15 in Telling Your Story and 75 at Family Professional Partnerships Conference. Bi-Annual Advisory Council Meetings will allow for project review, ID of new funding sources and planning.

  1. Identify 1 Native American and 5 Latino Family Partners for outreach and support, providing leadership training for all
  2. Complete categorizing information on web site for ease
  3. Quarterly e-newsletters provided in English and Spanish
  4. Develop 5 Health Care Information Sheets and financial information sheets, distribute Community Services Tool to a minimum of 100 individuals and link to web site
  5. 50 Care Notebook and 30 Supporting Parent Graduates, 15 Telling Your Story Graduates
  6. Family Professional Partnerships Conference including 75 families identified to serve as leaders
  7. Transition conference for 300, Transition Care Notebook Training to 50 individuals
  8. Bi-Annual Advisory Council Meetings to include existing members, OFN staff and new tribal officials to review project and impact data, identify new funding sources and to provide strategic review and plan for upcoming years.
Highlighted Activity:
2014 Annual Joining Forces - Family/Professional Partnership Conference
We work with our partner agencies to plan and provide an annual family/professional partnership conference. This is a unique conference as it brings together many of our state agencies and family leaders. This year our theme was ‘A Good Life’ and we were thrilled to have Michelle Reynolds, PhD of the Missouri Family-to-Family Network, UMKC Institute for Human Development and University Center on Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, who is a sibling of a CSHCN, as our keynote speaker. For the conference, we produced a short video which features individuals answering the question - A Good Life Is? The video is available on our website. The conference featured breakout sessions where we discussed and mapped out life courses. The conference was a huge success for the 141 attendees and many new partnerships were formed.