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Grant Abstract Summary:
SD F2FHIC will build the capacity of families of CYSHCN to meet their needs through comprehensive programs which include: peer-training, parent to parent linking, workshop training available through a variety of in-person and distance-education mediums, and individualized technical assistance, all with a strong emphasis on cultural competence and sensitivity toward underserved populations. It will seek to improve systems of care utilizing collaboration with state, private, and local stakeholders and policymakers. These partnerships are key to the success of building family/professional partnerships.

Activities/Methodology: Provide information, training, resources and individual technical assistance statewide to families with CYSHCN and the professionals serving them through in-person, mail, email, website, video conference and web based communication mediums. Maintain ADA accessible offices on each side of the state, local and toll free numbers, email addresses, and website for ease of access. Utilize regional/reservation coordinators and collaborations with agencies serving underserved populations to assess needs and provide culturally and linguistically competent information, resources and training to rural/frontier, Native American, Hutterite, Hispanic, immigrant/refugee families of CYSHCN. Maintain website with up to date resource listings. Develop publications for dissemination to families, professionals and partners via hard copy and electronic means. Expand partnerships with institutions of higher education to provide trainings on family perspective and family-professional partnerships to students in fields of health care/social work/education.
Highlighted Activity:
Workshop: Supporting Native American Families with CSHCN
Native American families, or Indian as they prefer to be called, are often outside of mainstream information systems that connect other families with CSHCN to available services and supports. In collaboration with National Family Voices, SDPC adapted a popular “Accessing Services and Supports for CSHCN” presentation for Native American (Indian) families to provide information on programs and resources that can support CSHCN birth to adulthood, including public/private insurance and the Marketplace. SDPC and National Family Voices presented this workshop at the National Indian Education Association Conference. SDPC also provided this workshop at the SD Indian Education Conference. These presentations were very popular and we received requests to present at two additional statewide events conferences for Indian families—the Lakota Nations Invitational Education Conference and the Oceti Sakowin Education Consortium Conference. In all, 122 family members and professionals participated in these workshops. Evaluation ratings were very positive – over 90% rated the quality of the workshop as Good, Very Good, or Excellent.
Shared Resources:
Resources are shared by the F2FHICs to help families, other family leaders and partners. While you are welcome to adapt any of the materials for your organization, we ask that you include an acknowledgement of the author/source in your adaptations and that you let the original author know of your use of the materials. Copyrighted materials may not be reproduced or adapted without the express permission of the author.
The Folder of Information and Life Experiences (FILE) helps you organize the information you gather- information you need - and information you share with others along the way. This system of record keeping was developed for parents by parents and professionals.. Included in the system's carrying case are 10 folders with simple instructions to help you maintain each folder. The folders include: Family Records, Developmental History, Medical, Therapies, IFSP/IEP & Notes, Letters / Contact Info, Evaluations / Consents, Respite Care / Child Care, Transitions, and Legal & Life Planning The "FILE" system is available to all South Dakota families who have a child or children with a disability or special health care needs.
weConnect is a FREE semi-monthly electronic newsletter from South Dakota Parent Connection (SDPC). It provides timely information on topics of interest to families to children with special health care needs, and has notices about upcoming conferences and learning opportunities for families and professionals working with families. Circuit is a FREE quarterly newsletter of SDPC providing information around a central theme for each issue. This newsletter is intended to be a reference publication packed with information to assist families of children with disabilities or special health care needs.
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SD Resource Highlight: