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Grant Abstract Summary:
TxP2P provides information, education, and support to families of children with disabilities and other special health care needs. We provide parents with opportunities for educational trainings, peer support, discussion and interaction with other parents, and opportunities to become parent leaders. We also provide training opportunities for professionals as well as work to build collaborations between professionals and parents.

  • Providing general information and referrals to resources, programs, services, and benefits; providing individualized resources for a child based on the family's personal situation, including where they live in Texas, the age of the child and the type of health care needs and/or disabilities; providing a Website Resource Directory, regional Resources Lists, and quarterly newsletter;
  • Providing opportunities of peer support, discussion, and interaction through Family Support staff, one-on-one matches with a Supporting Parent Volunteer when requested, continuing and expanding our parent Internet listservs, our annual statewide parent conference and monthly trainings, and our transition program for parents of teens and young adults.
  • Providing education and training opportunities for parents, parent groups and their facilitators, service providers, and other professionals; trainings will be in different parts of Texas, ensuring to cover all regions of the state, in English and Spanish, as requested;
  • Developing a model of collaboration for parents and health professionals;
  • Collaborating with national organizations around parent education and parent support and with the Family-to-Family Health Information Centers in other states.
Highlighted Activity:
Pathways to Adulthood Program
When children with disabilities, chronic illnesses, or other special health care needs approach adulthood, parents face many issues in assisting their young adult to start their life after school. Pathways to Adulthood (PTA)assists families to envision a good life for their sons and daughters with disabilities after graduation, and provides support, information and tools for carrying out this vision. We offer 1:1 peer mentoring, 1:1 assistance from staff, trainings, networks of support, support groups, annual conference workshops, online resources, and a listserv on transition & Medicaid waivers. Feedback from a recent workshop participant: “The strongest feature was the presenter’s expertise, personal experience, and encouragement. Comprehensive overview such as this of all transition issues should be mandatory for all parents.”