The NCFPP Impact on F2F HICs, Family Leaders, Families and Professionals

The NCFPP engages in a variety of activities to:

  • increase the capacity of F2F HICs and other family leaders to assist families to partner with professionals in their states
  • advance models of family/professional partnerships at the federal, state, and community level


Impact on Family Leader Organizations

The NCFPP provides technical assistance, training, and broad information dissemination to the network of Family-to-Family Health Information Centers (F2F HICs) and Family Voices State Affiliate Organizations (SAOs) to increase their capacity to serve families of CSHCN in their state and professionals in their state.  The following chart shows the 2016 rating of the family leader organization's impact in their state as well as the impact of the NCFPP in contributing to this impact.

Family Leader Organization Program Impact (Ranked Highest to Lowest) with Family Voices Impact

NCFPP & Family Organization Impact


Family Voices Impact: Significant Value Ratings

Family Voices Impact: Significant Value


Download Impact of the NCFPP on Programs and Services for Families of CYSHCN

Comments from Family Leaders in the 2016 Feedback Survey:

  • FV staff are extremely well-informed, professional, helpful, and truly understand the challenges that families of CYSHCN face.

  • Family Voices facilitates connections to other family organizations, shares resources from other partners, keeps us informed of policy developments,  all significant to our organization

  • Family Voices plays an integral role in the success of our F2F program.

  • The data report for our state has been very helpful in talking with policy makers for state funding and for encouraging the Federal representation to understand our work in the state they represent. The tip sheets are extremely helpful to families to help them navigate the system.

Comments from Professionals in the 2016 Feedback Survey:

  • Our partners at Family Voices, both National and here in Massachusetts, have been invaluable in helping advance our work in developing and promoting care coordination competencies and measures.  Our partners have been essential in developing, promoting, and implementing our newly validated measure of family experience of care integration.  

  • As a National Technical Assistance Center that specializes in medical home implementation, it is very important for us to have frequent communication, guidance, and input from family leaders and advocates. It has been very helpful to have such a strong partnership with FV/NCFPP because of the center's relationship with state F2F HICs.  

  • Family Voices involvement has assisted us with the Title V needs assessment providing valuable input, as part of the MCH collaborative where we share information and collaborate on projects, assists with parent to parent connections and collaboration with other parent organizations in the State such as EPICS and the F2F.

  • Family Voices is an essential stakeholder and resource in ensuring that families who have hearing related concerns are connected with information, referrals, and support.